Meet Taneisha

Taneisha is a native of Central Florida, born and raised in Orlando. Baking has long been a part of Taneisha's life. Taneisha acquired many of her skills growing and learning from her grandmothers, Mable and Betty, in the kitchen at a young age.
Taneisha then turned her skill into a hobby, baking from time to time for family and friends. Being a single mom and tired of building the dreams of others, Taneisha stepped out on faith and manifested a dream of her own. Growing that dream into reality, 'SweetPetals CupCakery' was born in May of 2019.  Since then Sweet Petals has grown and bloomed by leaps and bounds!
SweetPetals CupCakery offers a variety of specialty cupcakes that are hand piped to perfection with our signature buttercream flowers. These sweet blooms can be arranged into edible bouquets, lovingly termed BouCakes! The menu of Sweet Petals is ever changing and ever growing. We look forward to serving you soon!
"Who says you can't smell your flowers & eat them too?!"